donderdag 19 februari 2009

I love you…

How often do you say so to your wife? Only on special occasions? Every morning when you are leaving on auto-pilot?

When is the last time you said it consciously and really felt it?
If you do not say it already at least once a day, start with that. Either when you are going to sleep, or when you are waking up.

But don’t just say it, don’t make it into another sentence like anything else.
Try it for the next week and see if you can feel the difference.

Say it with feeling

When you say it next time, hold her in your arms. FEEL what you feel for her, remember why you love her. Look into her eyes and only then say "I love you". Say it with feeling, put all your love and energy in those 3 little words.

Remember it’s not just words. It is a feeling that you are trying to convey to her.

Maybe she’ll look at you strangely or just say, yeah I love you too. But if you keep up with this, she will see the difference and she will feel loved.

And isn't that a great way to start or end the day?

dinsdag 17 februari 2009

How to please your wife

How to please your wife

And no.. I don’t mean sexually, there are plenty of places online where you can get advice on that.

Women and men think differently. I am sure that you have noticed that already. Sometimes women think with their emotions and don’t seem to use a lot of logic at all. Sometimes these differences can lead to fights, even when you mean well.

In order to have a happy marriage you have to learn how to please your wife, how to make a smile appear on her face. If you know how to do that, you will be repaid in tenfold.

When you have been married for a few years the initial excitement wears off and daily life replaces it. Sometimes it also means that you start living as roommates more than the lovers you used to be.

It only takes little things to get the glow back in your relationship.

What about her?

In the beginning it may not seem fair and it can appear as if you are the only one doing the work. Although I can guarantee that you will get what is coming to in the future, this cannot be the reason why you are going to do this.

The only right reason to please your wife is because you want to. Because you want to see the smile on her face, you want to see her happy!


It is difficult to try and fit everything in your daily life. Sometimes it may seem as if there is hardly enough time for normal day to day living, let alone doing something special.

The tips that you can get here from this blog are all practical tips that are easy to implement. Some will only cost you 2 minutes and little investment. Others might be more time consuming or costly.

But all of them will bring a smile on your wife’s face. And isn’t that what you are looking for?